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Only $50 per semester credit!
Current and Past Induction Candidates
Earn up to 8 graduate-level semester credits for completing Year 1 of your Induction Training as a Counselor or Psychologist. This unique offering is available to all current and past participants for an extremely affordable cost. 
The credits offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate-level semester credits, provided directly through the University of the Pacific, Benerd College. They are specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for Salary Advancement and Re-certification. These Professional Development Courses are for participants who are NOT pursuing an advanced degree at University of the Pacific. The credits are acceptable where local districts approve and applicable to state licensing where authorized. We always encourage that you check with your employer for acceptability of these credits. All participants are responsible to determine acceptability of these credits for their intended use.
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Email your Certificate or Letter of Completion. 

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Earn Graduate-Level Credit On a Transcript!

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To be eligible to receive graduate-level semester credits for completing your Induction Training, you must submit a Certificate of Completion or letter issued by your respective District, Program Administrator or School Principal stating that you have successfully completed your Induction Training. Once proof of completion is verified, you will be issued a passing "(P)" letter grade that will appear on a transcript from University of the Pacific/Benered College. No further work or documentation is required.  Please check with your respective District for acceptance prior to enrollment.


Within 4-6 weeks from submitting your required information, you will receive an unofficial transcript from the University of the Pacific/Benerd College by regular mail. Unofficial transcripts are automatically generated and sent by regular mail once the grade is posted. The unofficial transcript will include step by step instructions to request your Official Transcript. Provisions for expedited transcripts are also available upon request.

Please check all appropriate courses on your registration form.

Counselor/Psychologist Induction 1

Counselor/Psychologist Induction 2

Counselor/Psychologist Induction 3

Counselor/Psychologist Induction 4

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EDUP 9179

EDUP 9180

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